₿ Mining Insights
₿ Mining Insights

₿ Mining Insights


Mining Insights is a suite of analytical tools for calculating and analyzing crypto mining scenarios.

Description 💬

Mining Insights is a property of Braiins, a leading brand in the crypto field and owner of Slushpool, the famous mining pool.

In November 2020 I started the development of the calculators' API, which I delivered at the end of the year in a prototype for the staff to evaluate. This was done through a Flask application and vanilla Javascript for the frontend.

The project today is maintained by a series of backend and frontend developers - I now manage the project and work in close contact with the developers and product managers.

Goal of the project 🎯

The suite offers a series of calculators which aim to provide customization for the many variables that go into a mining operation’s cash flow analysis. Users are enabled to set advanced variables such as monthly Bitcoin price and difficulty increments, capital expenditure (CAPEX) and ASIC hardware inventory values, asset appreciation or depreciation, additional fees and operating expenses, and more.

Team 🤼

  • Project manager (me)
  • Product manager
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Graphic designer
  • UX designer

Features 🦓

The software offers the following features

  • profitability calculator - input your hardware specs and investments and learn how profitable your mining business can be
  • cost to mine calculator - learn how much it would cost you to mine 1 BTC
  • hashrate & difficulty tables
  • profitability of popular SHA-256 ASICs
  • bitcoin miner holdings & transaction flows

Want to know more?

Drop me a line on my Twitter, LinkedIn or contact me through the form in the homepage. You can also reach Braiins's website at braiins.com.