Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

updated: @December 20, 2021

Andrea Elvis D'Agostino

Data Science Lead, Product & Project Manager

Based in Italy 🇮🇹 Machine Learning Expert & Crypto Enthusiast 👨‍💻 Work Globally

Key Expertise

  • Traditional Machine Learning - data modeling with Sklearn & XGBoost
  • Python programmer - APIs & Model Deployment
  • Data science pipeline with Pandas & Numpy
  • Client Management - negotiation, project management & trust building
  • Teaching, mentorship and public speaking


Python, Sklearn, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, NLTK, Gensim, FastAPI, Flask


I am a data scientist with 5+ years of experience in the domain of digital marketing. My job consists primarily in building internal and external tools with embedded AI. This consists of traditional ML models, primarily boosted trees for regression and classification. I also have extensive knowledge when it comes to working with text, and employ vectorization, clustering and topic modeling on a regular basis.

I am the owner of two top projects: a signal detection tool for market trend predictions (aka TIDE) and the Digital Score API that scores a digitalization index for Italian companies.

During my years of experience, I have worked with more than 50 clients worldwide, among which are top players like Pirelli, Costa Crociere and Nestlé.

I also work in the cryptocurrency space and develop backend software for analytical tools, and recently entered the research team in Braiins, CZ.


1. Machine Learning Modeling

Extensive experience with models like Gradient Boosting Machines, Kmeans and vectorization

2. Data Science Pipeline

ETL flow, exploratory data analysis and modeling. Model deployment though APIs.

3. Data Strategy

I help define what to do with data, how to improve the predictions and how to plan for the future

4. Client Management

Negotiation, project pitching and trust building. Courses and mentorhsip


Lead Data Scientist

Cerved Marketing Intelligence - Milan, Italy

2019 - Today

I lead a team of developers to embed machine learning models in SaaS products. My task is to design, train and deploy ML models that predict clients' KPIs in the SEO / Digital Marketing domain.

  • Worked with top-tier clients in various fields (automotive, food, cruising, insurance)
  • Owner and collaborator of 2 top-tier projects
    • Market Trends Detector (aka TIDE)
    • Digital Score Tool
  • Built in-house data management pipeline
  • Managed a team of 2-3 people
  • Taught statistics, data analytics & data viz as a service

Data Scientist

Pro Web Consulting - Chiasso, CH

2017 - 2019

I worked in close contact with the marketing, sales and operations teams to provide machine learning solutions both internally and externally. These solutions employ traditional machine learning techniques that include regression, classification and clustering. These models are served through custom APIs built for the client.

  • Owner of several AI-centered projects
    • Forecasting tool
    • Competitive Intelligence Data Miner
    • SEO Content Audit
  • Served and satisfied ~ 20 customers
  • Taught internal / external courses on stats and data analytics
  • Authored a whitepaper on Machine Learning in SEO

Business Analyst Intern

EarlyNinja - London, UK

2015 - 2017

As an intern, I was assigned to do qualitative market research and propose analyses for audience and partner onboarding

  • Researched and documented the competitor space
  • Monitored the status of our efforts through analytics platforms
  • Defined the crowdfunding KPIs and tracked them
  • Developed audience and partners onboarding process

Freelance Consultant

Pro Web Consulting - Chiasso, CH

2013 - 2015

I helped the operative SEO and Account teams in their day to day activities through

  • Reputation Mapping
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • SEO Reports
  • Descriptive Analyses
  • Content Translation


Diario Di Un Analista

Founder and maintainer of my personal blog, acting as a repository for data science and AI material.

[Open Source] Simple Keyword Clusterer

Summer 2021

A simple machine learning package to cluster keywords in higher-level groups.

TIDE - Trending Topics Detection Tool

Summer 2020 - Today

Aiding clients in their content creation campaign by providing a list of market trends in the respective niche that followed certain criteria

SEO Content and Website Audit Tool

2018 - 2020

Help blog owners spot anomalies in their content and fix them through clustering and topic modeling


Research Fellow

Braiins - Prague, CZ

2021 - Present

Member of the research team in Braiins, focusing on drafting market trends and predictive models backed by crypto-based data.

Backend Developer and Project Manager

Braiins - Prague, CZ

2020 - Present

In November 2020 I started the development of the calculators' API, which I delivered at the end of the year in a prototype for the staff to evaluate. This was done through a Flask application and vanilla Javascript for the frontend.

The project today is maintained by a series of backend and frontend developers - I now manage the project and work in close contact with the developers and product managers.

Relevant Mentions

Statistics, Data Analysis & Data Viz Lecturer, 62 hours

ELIS - Rome, IT

Summer 2021

Speaker - "SEO and Machine Learning: content classification for the optimization of editorial portals"

SeriousMonkey - Milan, IT

Summer 2021

Author of the whitepaper "A comparative study on Google's latest broad core update"

Pro Web Consulting - Chiasso, CH



M.S. in Cognitive Science


Università degli Studi di Trento

B.S. in Cognitive Psychology


Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa





Full Professional (C2)



About Me

Hi there! 👋 I am 31-year old guy from Naples, Italy. I love meddling at the intersection of data science and marketing. Machine Learning and Data Science are emerging fields that are incredibly powerful, and my passion for the field was born back in the days of university. My early programming work triggered the analyst in me and I gradually moved from the academy to the digital marketing space. Once I got in I never wanted to look back.

I recently learned how much I love teaching and mentoring young ones during their transition from high school to university. I believe that offering guidance during such a delicate moment can have huge impacts on the early career and development of the individual, granting more opportunities and tuned development of skills.

I am the father of a wonderful kid, Guglielmo, and live happily in south Italy with my future wife, Ilaria.





Thanks for your attention! 👋


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