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Andrea D'Agostino

Andrea D'Agostino

Data scientist working in digital marketing 🌎 I predict industry trends 📈 Crypto enthusiast 💸

About Me

I was born in Naples, Italy, in 1990. I started my career in data at university, where I majored in Cognitive Neuroscience in a research-oriented path at the University of Trento.

Today I work as Lead Data Scientist in Pro Web Consulting, a leading digital marketing service provider in Italy and Switzerland where I manage and coordinate modeling and automation tasks.

I love to apply data-driven knowledge in marketing - this led me to become an avid reader of marketing and sales material.


What I Do

Machine Learning

I implement machine learning solutions to help clients scaling their business. I use traditional ML techniques like XGBoost to achieve most of my results. At the moment, my deep learning framework of reference is TensorFlow.

Signal Detection & Monitoring

My speciality is to write data mining algorithms for signal detection. I developed the core algorithm of the trend detection software, Palantír, at my current workplace which is based on a neural network.


I enjoy teaching and I recently started mentoring classes of students in statistics, data analytics and data visualization.


I help business owners create and maintain a clear and defined data strategy, both internally and externally with their clients.



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